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Impression vives
Impression vive
de loii
Le 14 juin 2011.

"Deux pages seulement sont traduites en anglais. Pour le site d'un musée d'envergure internationale, on peut regretter le fait que l'ensemble du site ne soit pas traduit en anglais et une ou deux autres langues.".

Wang Luyan


June - September 2014 programme



To mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the diplomatic relations between France and China, Chinese artist Wang Luyan will have his first major exhibition in a French museum. Born in 1956, Wang Luyan will present a selection of his monumental sculptures and murals painted in-situ.


Tania Mouraud was born in Paris in 1942. With her special way of capturing images, from both the pettiest and the most disturbing aspects of our daily lives, Tania Mouraud built a representation of our world, shattered by uncorrelated music and sounds. Her sparkle, boldness, violence and poetic melancholy confront us with the frailty of human destiny.


Twenty paintings by Djamel Tatah made between 2012 and 2014, some of them shown for the first time. The artist (born in 1959 in Saint-Chamond) stages life-size human figures, somehow disembodied and lacking volumetric presence, placing them in the confines of coloured geometrical spaces and plans.


At the heart of Fabien Veschaere's work, there is the fundamental need to tell stories. 'I feel like I'm putting slang words on top of some classical music piece' - is his way of synthesizing the forces at play in his drawings which owe as much to comic books and popular arts as it does to classicism.

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Jannis Kounellis // Gianni Caravaggio // Paul Wallach // Cornelia Schleime // Paul-Martial // Local Line (Bruxelles)

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- Wang Luyan, "W Fire at Both Ends Automatic handgun D13-01" and "Target", wall drawing. © W. Luyan.

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