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Impression vives
Impression vive
de loii
Le 14 juin 2011.

"Deux pages seulement sont traduites en anglais. Pour le site d'un musée d'envergure internationale, on peut regretter le fait que l'ensemble du site ne soit pas traduit en anglais et une ou deux autres langues.".

Peter Halley, "Perfect sense"

Brian Belott, "Books, books, books".

Dean Monogenis, "Chrysalis"

Matt BOLLINGER, "About midnight Saturday", 2010 – 2011.


January - May 2014 programme

// GUIDED VISIT // Wednesday 9 April at 2:30 p.m. //

18 JANUARY - 18 MAY 2014


A prominent figure in the history of American contemporary art, Joel Shapiro (born 1941) has works in the collections of the greatest museums in the United States. He is known for his works with simple geometric shapes. Joel Shapiro has installed two monumental bronze sculptures in the Museum's central hall.


The paintings of Peter Halley, an artist born in 1953, are inspired by urban spaces. His luminous canvases, which are criss-crossed by colourful conduits and pipes, brim with movement and energy. The exhibition features recent works by the artist.

18 JANUARY - 4 MAY 2014

Young creators in New York

This exhibition showcases the vitality of the New York art scene through the work of ten young artists who live and work there. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and performance art offer a panorama of art in New York today.


USART (museum collection)

In conjunction with the Saint-Étienne Festival Nouveau Siècle, the exhibition of the Museum's collection of American art offers a perspective of the creative scene in New York since the 1960s, with works by founding artists such as Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, among others...

18 JANUARY - 21 APRIL 2014


The Museum's graphic arts department is hosting a Micha Laury exhibition mainly consisting of drawings, but also some installations. Born in Israel in 1946, this artist is developing a highly personal and sensitive body of work, largely inspired by biographical themes and which raises questions about our relationship to the world, to society and to space.

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Legends :
Peter HALLEY, "Perfect Sense", 2011. Courtesy gallery Xippas.
Young creators in New York : Brian BELOTT, "Books, books, books", 2012. Courtesy gallery Zürcher, Paris - New York.
Young creators in New York : Dean MONOGENIS, "Chrysalis", 2013. Courtesy gallery Xippas.
Young creators in New York : Matt BOLLINGER, "About midnight Saturday", 2010 – 2011. © Courtesy gallery Zürcher Paris – New York.

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