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Marco Tirelli. View of the exhibition. Photo: Charlotte Piérot/SEM 2016.


Marco Tirelli


Marco Tirelli, born in 1956 in Italy, is showing 400 drawings from his personal archives for the first time in France. His pictures, models, and fragments reveal the world which inspire the artist for his paintings.

Like one vast image bank, the hundreds of archive drawings shown in the exhibition address a multitude of different topics: from everyday objects to architecture, through animals, maps, or geometry. Like a curiosity cabinet, the whole set is exhibited in one single space that resembles a small baroque museum.

"Each image, collected or imagined, is not a subject but the evocation and transfiguration of a shape. It is not a symbol but a signal triggering the power of imagination, a kind of electrical activator that lights another one", explains Marco Tirelli.

The artist rethinks the universe by offering his personal cosmology composed of broken, fragmentary shapes, making sense through the evocative power of art.

Exhibition curator: Ludovico Pratesi.

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